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How we work

They say that we`re small company, but with capital „C” and great heart. Our customers appreciate that we always play fair, communicate clearly and we keep our word.


  • origin (Jan Bracháček)
  • 2015FIRVENA Ltd. origin
  • 2115Centenary

Who we are or FIRVENA`s nine commandments

Let everyone know - this is us!


It`s impossible to work without trust.


We all are individuals and we respect that!

Ready to enjoy work

If your job is fulfilling, then it`s all much easier.

Valuable behavior

Firveners support and respect each other. We`re family!


We`re filled with energy. We may shock you, watch out!

Necessary condition

We don`t want to be average, we want to be the best!


We employ only hard workers who enjoy working and FIRVENA then enjoys them!

Reached goal

We all pull together as a team.


You can be one of us! You can become a superman.

FIRVENA`s team

We`re happy bunch. We`re all on first-name terms and we follow FIRVENA`s nine commandments. Everyone`s different but together we create beautiful things.


Honza is company`s owner, he leads. He`s full of jokes and filled with positive energy. When you meet him, your day suddenly turns to better.


Other Firveners are different. One is smart with great ideas, second is handy and precise with sense of detail, third is eager to solve every problem, fourth is fast, fifth is willing and helps everyone.