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Development and production

„Why do you develop and produce electronics? What were you already able to create?“, we are frequently asked.

HONZA: We have successfully completed tons of projects with protective, safe or cost-saving functionality. Our products make life easier, people don`t have to remember certain things. Technology thinks for them, they can rely on it and ease their minds. We are company which invents and implements our own ideas and ideas of our customers. We`re focused not only on precisely produced product but also on simplicity, variability and intuition. We make sure that our products are meaningful and provide good service.

HONZA: Why? People want to have things under control and that is exactly the reason why we are doing all this.

Devices to keep things under control

  • Wireless measurement and control unit
  • Control systems
  • Regulators
  • Gateways
  • Input and output I/O modules
  • Temperature sensors
  • Indicators

... and other essential parts ...

  • PC software (parameter applications, utilities, testing tools)
  • Firmware (program)

Communication protocols and wireless solutions

We move with the times. We operate with wireless technology and many communication protocols. We can provide EMC certification for electromagnetic compatibility. Certification takes place in accredited test labs so that computability of standardized communication protocols is secured.

How we work?

You speak first!
Then it`s our turn. We are skilled enough to work with your idea and push your product to the desired level.
1. Development
2. Sample production
3. Production

Developed devices are produced under our or your brand. It`s all question of mutual agreement.