completely precise result

We create electronics

  • Gateways

  • I/O modules (input/output)

  • Temperature sensors

  • Indicators

Our Products

Expect nothing less than perfectly functional and precise products. Thanks to huge amount of tests and accurate eye which catches every detail, we guarantee a perfect result.

What does our portfolio look like?

Development and Production

We develop and produce electronic, communication and wireless devices. We can take hold of your thought, design product and produce it with utmost precision.

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We fulfil our customer`s wishes from all around the world. Maybe we can fulfil yours too?

Who is our customer, who do we work with?

How we work

Hooray. This year, we are celebrating 13th birthday. Thanks to our customers and Firvena`s unique team.

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We are looking forward to meeting a new blood - everyone who shares our soul and completes fantastic team here in FIRVENA. This individual should be productive, ready to accept job responsibly and should not be afraid of work.

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